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Say No to Excuses...

Technical innovation is of little use unless a company has the right people to handle it. The main asset of Splash is its expertise and commitment to customer service. The staff at Splash take pride in providing the very best back-up service possible, a service our customers have come to rely upon. Putting and keeping the customer first remains the company’s principle objective.

Printed information in the form of text and image can be prepared for the press in a variety of ways. Splash of London are pioneers of ‘print-on-demand’, meaning our clients can have brochures personalised and updated as required with as many copies as needed at the time.

Splash offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of repro services on the market. Its 'one stop shop’ guarantees products, service, support and quality; customers only ever have to deal with one company and one account handler.

Splash: a fresh approach, a refreshing feel and fine quality you can trust.