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CD & DVD Duplication

CD Duplication DVD Duplication
1st Copy £2.00 £3.50
Additional Dupes £1.00 £2.50

We provide CD and DVD duplication. This includes CD Duplication for Software releases, publishing and printing, Product Catalogues, Training manuals and DVD replication for when you need to store more data.

DVD Duplication service

We can prepare your DVD duplication from menu driven DVD authoring that have a professional look and simple to use interface with printed CD and DVD options available.

We provide cost-effective, high quality services to the music and film industry, the public and many other UK market sectors. These include CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Replication, Audio Mastering, Graphic Design, Tape to Disc Conversion, Artwork Editing, Custom-Printed CD-R and much more.

CD/DVD Case Design and Printing

Make the impact your discs deserve with our CD/DVD printing service in our London Shoreditch store. Need inspiration? You're in luck because we also provide CD/DVD case, cover and insert design as well as printing. Short runs of discs can be digitally printed in-store, whereas long runs can be litho or screen printed.
We do more than just DVD duplication though, our design team provide CD/DVD case design too. We'll design and print your discs and create a range of covers, inserts and cases. Pop in and see us or upload your disc image and graphics via our website.